Daniel Lichtenhan

Daniel Lichtenhan

Coach, CrossFit

Squat: 335; Deadlift: 385; Clean: 225; Snatch: 155

About Coach

Shortly after high school, I picked up boxing and enjoyed it, but fell out of the sport once college started. After college, I moved to Houston for a corporate job and was introduced to CrossFit shortly after. I got hooked quickly. I enjoyed the community aspect and the challenging workouts. A few years later, I found a local boxing gym and started incorporating that into my workouts. When that gym shut down, opportunity met preparation and I started Breach Fitness.

Turning Point

I came to a realization that no matter how "successful" you are in life - happiness cant be achieved if the purpose of what you do on a daily basis is driven solely by a paycheck. I made a conscious decision to figure out what it was that brought me joy - then risk it all to pursue a life centered around that. Breach Fitness is the result.

Motivation & Passion

I am motivated by my peers and passionate about our shared goal of becoming better versions of ourselves, every single day.

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